Sunday, October 01, 2006

UDI intro!


Ubungo Development Initiative (UDI) is a civil society organization established and registered in Tanzania in 2006. There was no civil society organization that is focusing to promoting development in the Ubungo community and its vicinities. The founders of the organization realized during 2005 that development of the constituency can be expedited with good leadership and responsible citizenry that necessitate civic society advocacy and service. The organization is operating within the philosophy of U-26 that translates to Ubungo, leadership, representation, involvement, transparency, citizenry, responsibility, research, planning, implementation, monitoring, advocacy, lobbying, empowerment, knowledge, participation, accessibility, truth, security, cleanliness, transport, entrepreneurship, employment, economy, welfare and freedom. The organization is complimenting the efforts of the residents, government and other stakeholders for the development of Ubungo community and its vicinities through enhancing responsibility, empowerment, entrepreneurship and freedom.

Generally the objectives of UDI are:

(a) To enhance the socio-economic status of people through appropriate empowerment programmes that facilitates the realization of their potentials and opportunities.

(b) To stimulate broad public engagement, information sharing and dialogue on empowerment and related matters in pursuit of creating a movement for social and economic change.

(c) To promote responsible citizenry, strategic preparation of the people to take a role in leadership and ensure good governance.

(d) To enable people acquire knowledge and conceptual capacity through dialogue, information generation and sharing.

(e) To implement pilot service and development programs and activities particularly through networking and collaboration.

(f) To facilitate the development of private and informal sectors;